Sunday, September 19, 2010

$1.54 a day to Protect Your Wealth

You can tell what someone values by what they spend their money on. This applies to every part of life. What do eat? Where do live? What do you where? Who do you spend time with? This not meant to be judgmental but to serve as an inspiration to self examine your choices.

The high levels of unemployment in this country is no secret. Yet I'm sure if you went to the unemployment office, you'd see pretty much everyone there with a cell phone. Even more so a Blackberry, iPhone, or some other smart phone. Yet, when I mention Gold or Silver, I get many excuses. The main one is "I can't afford it"

Here's a solution. Do you have $1.54 a day? I'm quite sure you spend more than that on things you don't need. $1.54 a day gets you a 1 Ounce Silver Eagle every month. Even better if you mention it to 2 friends, you get a bonus 1 ounce Silver Eagle. How you ask? Silver Snowball is the best way to begin your journey to obtaining real money.

Yes, Gold and Silver is Real Money. United States Constitution Article 1 Section 10 says so. United States Code Title 12 Chapter 3 Subsection 411 say to redeem your Federal Reserve Notes in lawful money. So what are you waiting for?

Go to Silver Snowball and start to lawfully redeem your money. $1.54 per day to protect your wealth.

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"Building Wealth One Friend at a Time"

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