Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clicking vs Networking

This article was inspired by George C. Fraser.  You can find out more about him at his Facebook page here.

In the world of the internet, netowrking opportunites has exploded.  Finding people to connect with is no longer limited by location.  The amount of people to connect with is also virtually unlimited by the amount of resources the internet provides.  With all this access, has networking become bland?  With social media you see people with hundreds and even thousands of "friends" but how many of them do they click with?
Let us look at the difference between Clicking and Networking.

  1. Clicking is genuine.  You tend to desire to bond with those who have similiar likes and experiences regarding people, places and things.  Networking is superficial.  Often the connection doesn't go beyond the surface of what you have in common.
  2. Clicking is synergistic.  This is when both people bring their skills, resources, and energy to the relationship that benefits both involved.  Networking tends to compromise.  Both people or one may have to sacrifice and then both only partailly benefit, not fully realizing their potential.
  3. Clicking is based on trust first.  When you click with someone there is a trust and belief in the good of the the other person.  Networking tends to be a show and prove before I trust you.
  4. Clicking is about the relationship.  When you click, you are looking to build rapport more than "just business" over time for the long term.  Networking tends to be about the transaction, the lead, the sale, the job, etc.  Basically about the immediate now.
  5. Clicking is mutually beneficial.  People who click tend to use "We" and "Us" in terms of their interactions.  Networking is often selfish usually using the thought process of "what's in it for me?"
We all need to network.  It's the way to filter through to the people you click with.  When we go to a seminar, event, or meet someone online, the immediate time provided is for networking but then it's important to follow up and build relationships.  Click and build lasting weath.  Only network and you will always only be as valuable as your last sale.

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"Building Wealth One Friend at a Time"

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