Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What the US National Debt won't tell you, Gold and Silver Will?

I recently added a widget to the side bar that displays a clock of the US National Debt.  It's over 13 Trillion and rising quite rapidly.  So, what does that mean?

At first look, you see a number going up but this tells a contrary story for your "money".  The way I see that rising number is that's the rate at which the value of the dollar is declining.  That is the rate in which your purchasing power is declining.  I see it as the rate in which your wealth is being stolen.

I also see the price of Gold and Silver rising although not at quite the same rate, yet.  So my move is to get out of the depreciating dollar and move into gold and silver.

The numbers do tell a little white lie too.  You must begin to not think in terms of currency anymore.  Price is counted in currency and thus those rising and falling numbers.  Instead, think in terms of gold and silver preserving wealth and purchasing power.  When the dollar no longer has any value, how will you be able to buy food, shelter, water, etc.  When a fiat currency collapses, as they all do, the monetary system reverts to trading in gold and silver.

So don't think in terms of buying a house in dollars, think in terms of ounces.

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