Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's an e-conference?

I wondered the same thing when I saw that Kitco was having one.  Being into Gold and Silver and being that I follow Kitco, I thought if anything else I'd check it out.

The Kitco eConference took place on September 12 and 13 2010.  It was awesome!  Have you ever been to a trade show?  Well that's what this was minus the travel, convention center and hotels. When I logged in the graphics amazed me as it looked like a virtual trade show.  It was very impressive. It took a little while to adjust but still awesome.

There were exhibitor booths that you can visit with reps that would chat with you once entered their virtual room.  You even get to download their info into a virtual briefcase.  Some of my favorites were Sterling Trust, First Majestic, and Austrian Mint.

There was a lounge where you can chat with other attendees and share business cards with them as well as exhibitors.

There were also special guest presenters that shared valuable information.  Some of the guests included Ron Paul, Marc Faber, and James Morgan. My favorite presentations were by Puru Saxena and Mike Berry.  Puru's presentation was a home run! 

The main reason I wanted to attend was to learn more about the mining side of the industry and investing in those opportunities. There was so much information that I keep going back and learning new things.  Oh wait a minute, did I say keep going back?  Yes.  That's the greatest part.  You can keep going back from the comfort of your home or office to continue to review and learn new things. 

If you have an interest in Gold and Silver then give it a visit or two or more.

Kitco eConference is still open!

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