Friday, July 23, 2010

Before you join a Network Marketing Company...

A Network Marketing business is a great way to start your Entrepreneurial journey. If you have a “regular” job and need extra money, it fits that bill too. If you're unemployed then it should be highly considered. Quite frankly if you’re not doing some sort of your own business in this era you will struggle financially.

The thing with Network Marketing is there’s usually an upfront franchise fee, then a membership fee, or you have to sign up for the services and/or auto-ship products monthly. That’s all fine but what's the plan for making money?

The key to Network Marketing is the first “to do” of an entrepreneur, MARKETING. There are many methods; print ads, fliers, business cards, direct selling, networking events, etc. All necessary but the INTERNET is a very strong leveraging tool.

An important component to Network Marketing is building downline. The key ingredient to marketing online is driving traffic. Since most of the Network Marketing companies have great websites that will do a lot of the CONVERT and CLOSE (the other two “to do's” of an Entrepreneur) work for you, it’s important for you to leverage their efforts and drive traffic to their/your site.

So, building traffic and downline are two keys to success in a Network Marketing business. Doing this first will give you a foundation to be successful in any Network Marketing company you choose and your rate of ascension will get you the props at the next meeting!

If you’re considering a Network Marketing business opportunity, join my group and get some FREEMIUM tools to start building your downline and driving traffic before you spend your money.

“Building Wealth One Friend at a Time”

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